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Permit Applications and Process 
If a permit is needed, an application for a permit must be completed and submitted to the 
Building Department with all required drawings, specifications, plan review fees, and any 
additional information that may be required. The typical plan review time for permits that 
require drawings is 10 days. If drawings are not needed for a permit, the permits are usually
issued the same day.
John Beisert
Building Official
(832) 381-3248
Janet Wisnowski 
Senior Permit Tech
(832) 381-3301
What Permits Do I Need?
If you are not sure what permits your project will need, please review the following list of permits. If you need additional help on whether or not a permit is needed, please contact Janet Wisnowski with the Building Department. She will be able to assist you with your needs.

Annual Fire Inspection Permit
Backflow Prevention 
Banner Sign Permit 
Building Trade Permit
Certificate of Occupancy 
Commercial Building Permit 
Commercial Site Development Permit
Contractor Registration 
Fire Alarm Permit
Fire Sprinkler Permit
Pet Registration Permit
Residential Building Permit
Roofing, Fence, Irrigation Permit
Sign Permit
Swimming Pool Permit
Utility Permit Application 

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