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If you think you may have a warrant with the City of Oak Ridge North Municipal Court you may go to www.texasfailuretoappear.com to check the status of your Texas Driver's License.

Beginning February 23, 2018, more than 300 law enforcement agencies across Texas will be concentrating their efforts to address non-compliance with court orders. If you do not resolve your tickets now, you may be subject to arrest. If you are stopped while driving your vehicle and arrested, your vehicle may be impounded, which would result in additional tow and storage fees.  Please take care of your tickets now to avoid arrest.

As part of this statewide initiative, the Oak Ridge North Municipal Court is offering amnesty on warrant fees if individuals come to court to address their outstanding obligations.  Individuals who voluntarily come to court may request to have warrant fees on their cases waived.

The amnesty program will run from February 5-Febuary 22, 2018.

If you voluntarily appear at any of locations to take care of your tickets with Oak Ridge North Municipal Court, you will not be arrested.  If you are unable to pay, contact the court to discuss options that may be available to resolve your matters with the Court.


Law Enforcement for the Municipal Court
The City of Oak Ridge North Warrant Division is the law enforcement arm of the municipal court. Their duties include:    

  •      Arresting defendants in active warrant status 
  •      Serving summons & subpoenas issued by the Municipal Court
  •      Transporting defendants being held on Oak Ridge North Class C Misdemeanor warrants
Licensed Peace Officers 
Oak Ridge North Police Department also provides security support for court operations which is comprised of judges, court staff and visitors.

Arrest Warrant Status (AW)
If you fail to appear on your cases(s) by the initial appearance date listed on your citation, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. There will also be an additional violation filed against you, referred to as a Failure to Appear (FTA) or Violate Promise to Appear (VPTA), incurring separate fines and fees. If your case is an active warrant of arrest, the following options are available: 
  • Plea of Guilty or No Contest and pay in full.  You may do so in person, through the mail with a cashier's check or money order, over the phone or on-line at www.payoakridgenorth.com  
  • You may appear in person and request a pay agreement with the court. This will require defendants to pay half of the balance outstanding to have the warrant recalled. The defendant will then be responsible to follow the court's payment schedule  
  • You may request a new court date, but the warrant for your arrest will remain active until you appear in court before the judge
Capias Pro Fine Warrants (CP)
A Capias Pro Fine Warrant is issued when a Defendant fails to comply with a court issued order.  In these instances, a plea has already been accepted and payment arrangements have been made.  If your case is in active Capias Pro Fine status the following options are available: 
  • Pay the balance in full. You may do so in person, through the mail with a cashier's check or money order, over the phone or on-line at www.payoakridgenorth.com  
  • You may request a hearing for the outstanding fines and fees.  However, the Capias Pro Fine Warrant for defendant's arrest will remain active until the defendant appears before the Judge.

OMNI Database & Third Party Collections
The Oak Ridge North Municipal Court forwards all cases in warrant status to OMNI Base Services of Texas. This statewide database will deny re-issuance of the defendant's drivers license indefinitely, until the defendant has paid or disposed of all active cases. Payments for any case that is now in warrant status must be by cash, money order or cashier's check, by phone or on-line at www.payoakridgenorth.com  

 . Personal checks will not be accepted. To verify the status of your license visit the Texas Department of Public Safety's verification site.

In addition the Oak Ridge North Municipal Court also refers past due warrants to a third-party collection agency. For all cases referred, an additional 30% is added to the total owed on the defendants violations. The warrant will not be lifted until your balance (including the additional 30%) is paid in full.


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Oak Ridge North, Texas 77385
Main Line: 281-292-4648
After Hours Answering Service: 281-292-4642
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Police (non-emergency): 281-292-4643
Municipal Court: 281-292-8736
Municipal Court Fax: 281-364-7168
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