Public Works

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The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance, operations, and care of the City's infrastructure and public facilities.

These duties include:
  • Maintenance and operation of water/sanitary sewer utilities
  • Regulation of recycling pickup through Waste Management
  • Operation of the water plant
  • Maintenance of all City properties, including easements
  • Maintenance of drainage facilities and streets
  • And more
Projects in the City by Others

New Entergy Re-Cabling Project

  • When - April through July
  • Where - Middle Sections of Oak Ridge North (Stark Lan up to Pyeatt)
  • Why - Routine maintenance and replacement
  • For more information, see the flyer in the link below and sign up for the Entergy app
  • Entergy Flyer
New Centerpoint Gas Line Replacement Project
  • When - April through July
  • Where - (See map below)
  • Why - Routine Maintenance required by federal standards
  • Centerpoint Gas Replacement Project
  • Plans

811 utility flags and what the colors mean
With local public and private construction projects, locating underground utilities is vital. Here are some FAQ regarding Texas 811 utility locating services:
Q: What do all the flags mean and what do the colors stand for?

Q: How long should I leave the flags in my yard?
A: Locates (and the associated flags) are good for 14 days from the time they are marked. After 14 days, the locates will have to be re-marked.

Organizational Chart

Illegal Dumping
If you see illegal dumping or discharges into or near stormwater inlets, please call (281) 292-4642. 

Storm Water Pollution 
Single Stream Recycling 
FEMA LOMR- New Floodplain Map
Rain Events and Oak Ridge North
Watering Recommendations- Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District

2020 Projects

Robinson Road – This project is a County-led project regrarding the main lane improvements at the intersection only (Robinson/Patsy/Westwood). The County is merging its overpass project into the City's intersection. This project has been completed.  

IH-45 Waterline Phase 2 – This project consists of a proposed 12” waterline extension from the SW corner of the Bowlero property up to Paula Lane (north/south). From there, the project will replace an existing 8” waterline from IH-45 westward down Paula to the residential area. This project has been completed.

TWDB Phase 9 – This is the last in a series of Texas Water Development Board Grant projects by which we have replaced/lined all of the sanitary lines, manholes, etc in the City. This project used the last of the available monies to pipe-burst a problem area under Robinson at Maplewood, and then provide additional upsizing to the trunk line by pipe-burst method in accordance with our future plans  described in the 2014 Feasibility Study performed by Jones and Carter. This project has been completed.

Regional Detention – The City has secured an $840,000 grant to design and construct a regional detention facility on Spring Pines. Phase 1 of this project has been substantially completed, and is awaiting clearance for Phase 2. Phase 2 will deepen the detention basin and provide a total of 12.2 Acre-feet (531,400 cubic feet) of floodplain storage during heavy rains. 
The Combined Notice of Finding and Intent to Request can be reviewed HERE

Westwood Drainage Project – This drainage project provides relief in the back property lines of Maplewood, Hillside, and Westwood. These areas had experienced localized flooding from heavy rains in the garages and houses. This project consists of an underground storm drain pipe and an earthen swale along the rear property lines to intercept lot-to-lot runoff, and convey stormwater runoff downstream to our improved storm drain system. This project has been completed.
Download Plans
Download Specifications

Woodson Road Widening at IH-45 – This project is proposed to expand the turning radii on Woodson at IH-45 and create a center turn lane through the commercial-zoned area, prior to reducing back to the existing two-lane section. This project is expected to advertise and begin construction in April 2021. This project has been completed.
Woodson Intersection Design Plans
Bid Form
Contract Documents


James Corn, CWP                                            Mark Dutton                                       
Director of Public Works                                   Asst. Director of Public Works                                       
27424 Robinson Road
Oak Ridge North, Texas 77385
Main Line: 281-292-4648
Police (non-emergency): 281-292-4643
Police (after hours): 281-292-4642
Police (after hours): 832-585-7031
Municipal Court: 281-292-8736
Municipal Court Fax: 281-364-7168
Public Works (after hours): 281-939-3341
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