Public Works

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The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and care of the City. These duties include:
  • Controlling utilities
  • Regulating recycling pickup
  • Operating the water plant
  • Maintaining all City properties, including easements 
  • And more
Organizational Chart

Illegal Dumping
If you see illegal dumping or discharges into or near stormwater inlets, please call (281) 292-4642. 

Storm Water Pollution 
Single Stream Recycling 
FEMA LOMR- New Floodplain Map
Rain Events and Oak Ridge North
Watering Recommendations- Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District

2016 Projects

Maplewood Overlay
March 14th-March 18th; A 2-inch overlay of the existing street with milled tie-ins at the intersections of other streets. Some areas will be milled (full depth) and repaired before the overlay is applied. Local traffic will be able to travel in both directions subject to one lane alternating traffic flow around the specific area of work.

Woodson Road Sidewalk March 7th – September 30th; A sidewalk will be poured on the north side of Woodson Road from Houser Elementary School to the commercial property on I-45. New pedestrian ramps will be installed on the south side of Woodson at the Patsy and Harlan intersections, and the existing crepe myrtles will remain or be relocated around the sidewalk if they are in conflict. No traffic impact is expected.

Teddy Bear Park ImprovementsMarch 7th – April 29th; The north driveway of Teddy Bear Park (from Stark Lane) will be widened and improved. The parking lot will get a new seal coat, and the south driveway (from Robinson) will be closed and removed. The park will remain open with only a temporary closure of the parking lot when the parking lot is improved – street parking will be allowed. No traffic impact is expected.

Commerce Park Waterline LoopMarch 28th – May 27th; A waterline will be bored from Commerce Park (Commerce Oaks Drive) under the UPRR tracks and Hanna Road to loop the City’s waterlines and provide better pressure and reliability to the business park. No traffic impact is expected.

Click the link below for potential traffic impacts:

Joe Sherwin, P.E., CFM                                              James Corn, CFM, APM                                        Mark Dutton
Director of Public Works & Engineering              Director of Streets, Drainage, and Parks         Director of Utilities and DD6                                                                             
27424 Robinson Road
Oak Ridge North, Texas 77385
Ph: 281-292-4648 • Fx: 281-367-7729
Municipal Court Only Fx: 281-364-7168
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